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Happy Sunday!

As you can tell by the title of this post, it's going to be quite exiting. But first, I want to talk about another thing that happened this weekend. So grab your popcorn and continue reading on! 

The first thing that happened this weekend... is I now have a Twitter account! (Big hugs and kisses to my dad for allowing me to!) I'm still working my way around it since I started it just yesterday, but it seems to be quite easy and fun! You can find my account HERE. :)

Please don't feel shy in following me because I love getting to know other book bloggers! :) Now, let's get onto the fun stuff, shall we? ;)

Sorry for how this picture looks blurry. Red photos always has that effect on here!

If you haven't already read my review for Emily Wibberley's debut novel, Sacrificed, you can click HERE and it will direct you to my review. 

If you already have read my review, then you'll know that I absolutely fell in love with it and wanted the second book soon! Not too long ago, I was talking with another fan of this book, (If any of you guys have an Instagram, you seriously need to check her out because she has gorgeous pictures! HERE is her link.) and we got to talking about what we should call the fans of Sacrificed and then we came up with the idea of doing a street team. 

Two days later, Colette, Emily and I, started a street team and it got quite a lovely response! We all decided that we needed to add a reward system to go along with all the tasks each member completes. So, below are the instructions, the tasks and the prizes of what we've put together....


Complete the tasks listed below to earn the following rewards! You can go to the tabs for each task and post your links when you have completed the task. We will keep track of your points and when you have reached a level we will message you via GoodReads and get your details and mail you your prize. Your points carry over, so once you reach level one, you only have to get another hundred points to reach level two.

1. Buy Sacrificed: The Last Oracle (75 points) Email a pic of your receipt or if you don't have the receipt anymore, a picture of yourself with the book to Comment below once you've done this so we can give you your points.

2. Write an honest review of Sacrificed: The Last Oracle on GoodReads, LibraryThing, your blog, etc. (20 points for first review post, 10 points for each additional review post).

3. Write entire Blog post about Sacrificed: The Last Oracle and include Amazon buy link (50 points) Comment the link to your post below so we can give you your points.

4. Facebook, Tweet, or Instagram about Sacrificed: The Last Oracle (5 points) (up to one entry per day) Comment the links to your posts below so we can give you your points. Up to one entry per site per day. 5 points for each post on each site on each day. You can earn up to 15 points a day by posting! 

5. Fan or Friend Emily on GoodReads. Post your GoodReads username or link to your GoodReads profile below so we can check to make sure you fanned/followed, and give you your points. You get 5 points each for fanning and friending.

6. Follow Emily on Twitter or Instagram! Post the links or usernames to your social media accounts on this feed so we can check to make sure you followed Emily, and give you your points. You get five points for each site on which you follow Emily.

7. Add Sacrificed: The Last Oracle to one of your GoodReads shelves. Post your GoodReads username or link to your GoodReads profile below so we can check to make sure you added it, and give you your points.

8. Create Sacrificed: The Last Oracle Fan Art and post on Social Media site (20 points) (Up to one per week) Comment a link to your post below so we can give you your points. 


Level 1 (100 points):
Basic swag pack: signed bookmark, signed bookplate. Sacrificed: The Last Oracle cover sticker!

Level 2 (200 points):
Personalized thank you Sacrificed: The Last Oracle postcard from Emily Wibberley!

Level 3 (300 points):
Official The Oracles Street Team Pin!

Level 4 (400 points):
Free e-book copy of Sacrificed: The Last Oracle for yourself or a friend!

Level 5 (500 points): 
Mentioned in the acknowledgements page of the next Sacrificed novel!

Level 6 (600 points):
Free e-book copy of the second Sacrificed book three days before its official release!

Level 7 (700 points):
A free signed copy of Sacrificed: The Last Oracle!

Level 8 (800 points):
$10 amazon gift card

Level 9 (900 points):
Exclusive The Oracles Street Team T-Shirt!

Level 10 (1000 points):
“Tea” with Emily Wibberley via Facetime for you and your friends! 

Amazing, right?! Not only do we complete tasks and earn rewards, we can also talk about the characters of Sacrificed, decide if you are Team Riece or Team Derik, and even play a few fun games! If you are interested in joining the team, HERE is the link! You MUST have a Goodreads account to join the group. 

If you are bloggers and want to add the Street Team Button to your sidebar, contact me via e-mail or you can tweet me with the link to my account above! 

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace your destiny and sign up to become an Oracle today! 

Happy reading!

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