Oct 26, 2014

Sweet T and the North Wind by Cat Michaels |Review|

Happy Sunday!

Today I'm going to try my best to write about four blog posts for the BookBlogWrimo, come up with Tuesday's non book related topic, and try to write a review for a book I just finished.

Obviously, I won't be able to finish because I currently just finished a short book, and I'm on the verge of grabbing another book off of my shelf. Lord help me..

The short book I just finished is Sweet T and the North Wind by Cat Michaels. Please enjoy my review and don't forget to leave a comment below telling me what you think! :)

Title: Sweet T and the North Wind
Author: Cat Michaels
Genre: Adventure, Childrens
Release Date: November 1st, 2013
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
My Rating: 5 stars
Buy Links: | Amazon |
Last time a powerful North Wind blew across the lakes, strange things happened. And the winter when Tara turns ten years old, the North Wind blows sharp, and the lakes freeze solid by Thanksgiving. Old-timers from the village warn everyone to take care.

Tara, or Sweet T as Grandma calls her, is tired of being cooped up indoors on this coldest winter day, and she tries to make the best of the situation.

But when Tara makes a wish that is dearest to her heart, T's ordinary afternoon leads to an hour of magic that takes her on a journey of discovery and a ride she’ll never forget.

This tale of a family across the generations weaves enough magic and whimsy to keep children turning the pages. It also gently raises real-life issues about aging.

"Sweet T" entertains while opening the door for children to discuss, in age-appropriate ways, the illness of a beloved family member.

When Tara or Sweet T as her Grandmother likes to call her, is bored one cold evening, she can't help but pay a visit to her brand new scooter tucked away in the basement. Little does she know, she's in for a big magical surprise!

Let's just say, my heart is now in a puddle on the floor. This was such a heartwarming, cute story and I  couldn't help but smile while reading it. The author put such great detail into this story, I felt as if I was there.

When Tara first found out the magic of her scooter, I did have a little bubble of excitement. Usually, I don't read much of the book blurbs just because I like to keep the surprise, but with this book, I didn't read what it was about at all.

You can imagine my surprise when the scooter started to talk! This is definitely a book to read while being snuggled up in a blanket with some hot chocolate!

Happy reading!


  1. Talina, I'm glad Sweet T brought a smile and warmed your heart. Thanks for your review and for finding North Wind magic. Happy tales!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and commenting! It means a lot to me! Your book was wonderful and I hope that other young readers will enjoy it as much as I did!


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