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Happy Thursday!

So, since it's almost Halloween, I decided to spice up my desk a little bit. By spice it up, I mean I only have two little ghosts on it and I used a little bit of gauze to wrap around on this painting above my desk, and then I created two little ghosts to go on either side of it. Oh yeah..I'm very creative.. Note the sarcasm.

I also re-organized my books by taking them out of my desk drawers and placing them on top of my desk. It looks somewhat a little better, but I'm hoping once I get my own room, I'll be able to have a bookshelf. *happy dance*

I do have a decent sized chalkboard that I want to hang up right beside my desk and I think it would look perfect. I'm wanting it to be like a vision board for me. Put things that will motivate me, my dreams, accomplishments, ect.

Now, I know a lot of you love Halloween like I do. So I decided to make a cute, fun wallpaper and share it with you guys!



If you guys like it, let me know! I always love hearing feedback :)

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Happy reading!

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