Keen Cover Friday #2!

Happy Friday!

It's another great Friday to share beautiful book covers!  Does anyone here know about the site BookOutlet? No? Well, go check that amazing site out! I've already gotten two e-mails from their newsletter about 50% off on books. It's like the books are calling my name, and frick, I can no longer resist it! They have so many great deals on books! Let's just say, be ready for a big book haul coming up soon. ;)

                                                                 The first cover is..

Why I Liked It: 

1. I like how designer made the stretch into the title. It's just eye catching, isn't it?

2. The background. Holy freaking burritos! Isn't it beautiful? The colors, the dolphins above the girl..just wow.

                                                      Did you like this cover? If so, why? 

Why I Liked It:

1. First off, can I just say that this summary is AMAZING?

2. I love the little lightning bolts onto the apple. It's just freaking genius!

3. I also like how the designer put the apple half and half. The first half it is turning into an apple, and the rest is still being created. I seriously can not wait till I pick up my copy of this one. 

                                                      Did you like this cover? If so, why? 

What about you guys? Do you have any favorite covers you just can't stop admiring? Tell me in the comments below if you do!

Happy reading!

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